Concluding Thoughts

I learned so much in this class, one of the main aspects that I got out of this was comfortability on stage, I feel so much more comfortable speaking now. This class also taught me how to rely less on my notes and speak more freely and on the spot. It was a great class!


Section Three

This was the hardest section, I found this very hard to get a rhythm in my speech as I had so many technical terms in my speech. This speech was more organized however my delivery was shaky and I was more nervous for this.

Section two

I found this speech round harder because of the sources that we needed to incorporate in the speeches but felt that my personal performance was good. My confidence in front of the class is much better and I feel that I am speaking at a calmer tone. I still need to work on my organization and keeping my thoughts on track while speaking.

Section One


I enjoyed these speeches because of how personal the topics were. I chose a harder topic but with the short speech I found it easier to talk about. This was a nice way to get more comfortable with speaking in front of people before getting into the longer speeches.